Ruby Central Community Grant Details

We see any support we provide, both advisory and financial, as a first step towards ensuring your event’s success as well as sustainability in future years. As such, our Community Grant is not meant to recur past an event’s first year. There are rare occasions where we will consider grants to conferences that are past their first year, but only under special circumstances.

Before contacting us for assistance, conference organizers should already have a clear idea of: your event’s unique purpose in benefiting the Ruby community, the areas in which you would apply our assistance, and your event’s code of conduct, as we will not support any event without one.

Finally, as a part of our active support for the Ruby community, we are very invested in the success of new events. As such, we aim to provide active assistance to conference organizers who are recipients of the Community Grant, via at least two check-in meetings, one during the planning process, and one after the event has taken place.

Form Questions

Answer the following questions in an email to to start the process. Thank you!

  1. Please describe your event’s goals, especially in how it will aim to serve the Ruby community at large, and your community specifically.
  2. What would be the most important takeaway or impression that you’d want your attendees to leave the event with?
  3. Where are you currently in the planning process? What are you finding to be easy, and what is more difficult?
  4. List your event’s logistics as you know them so far (date(s), location, size, structure).
  5. If we were able to provide you some financial support, what would you spend it on? If we were able to provide you with advisory support, what area would you most need it for?
  6. How are you publicizing your event’s code of conduct, and how do you plan on enforcing it?
  7. Are you working with any other organizations or groups (local Ruby user groups, specific companies) in your planning?
  8. For events not in their first year only: What special value would be provided in our support of your event that you were not able to achieve in your event’s earlier year(s)?