Here at Ruby Central, we’re incredibly appreciative of our community, which is dedicated to maintaining an open, welcoming, and supportive environment for all Rubyists. As such, we’re always excited to hear about new Ruby-related projects and regional conferences. In some instances, we are able to provide resources, grants, or other forms of assistance. If you have a project or conference that you think we should know about, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ruby Central Community Grant

The Ruby Central Community Grant is meant for organizations and individuals who are launching new events (conferences, user groups, etc.) benefiting the Ruby community. We support the continued expansion of our community into new areas, be they geographic, demographic, or topical. If you’re launching a new event and have a need for our guidance and/or support, please look over the program details link below.

Grant Program Details

Opportunity Scholarship

Ruby Central has created a new program called the Opportunity Scholarship as an outreach tool for conferences and other tech events. The purpose of the program is to consistently bring new people into the tech community and to provide them with a comfortable, welcoming environment to explore our community and its events. For event organizers, the program can be a tool to positively affect diversity, as well as a chance to actively demonstrate that your event is interested in cultivating an attendee group that includes those who might not normally attend.

The program has three basic components. First is an application process that grants a limited number of complimentary passes to the event. This removes financial barriers for those selected, and helps event organizers follow through on bringing in new people. Second is the selection of a group of guides from the event's established community who are friendly, knowledgable, and interested in welcoming newcomers to the event's community. Third is a template explaining how to run the event in a manner that is supportive of both the scholars and the guides.

Ruby Central will provide guidance on the structure of the program as well as financial assistance to help subsidize the cost of free tickets for the scholars. Generally, we determine this financial assistance thusly: new conferences receive 100% coverage on scholars and established conferences receive a matching grant. There may be exceptions to this; please email us for more details. The total number of scholars will vary based on the event's size, ticket price, and other logistical concerns.

If your event is interested in participating in this program, please reach out to us at