RailsConf is the world’s largest gathering of Rails developers, brought together to further discussion and learning about building, managing, and testing Rails applications. With a specific focus on Rails, conference topics can range from new users to administration to advanced techniques.

For Rails developers, RailsConf is a chance to catch up with your brethren, as well as get a read on what the current and future status of Rails development is from leading voices in the community. For companies looking to connect with promising talent, RailsConf is the place to be, as every year we try to set records for the maximum amount of Rails experts in one room.

RailsConf 2013

RailsConf 2016

Next spring, join us in Kansas City, MO for RailsConf 2016 from May 4-6. We'll have more information available about the conference in the coming months!

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