Ruby Central organizes two annual software conferences, RubyConf and RailsConf. To view our full video catalog, watch our Youtube channel.

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The world’s largest gathering of Rails developers, brought together to further discussion and learning about building, managing, and testing Rails applications. With a specific focus on Rails, conference topics can range from new users to administration to advanced techniques.


The Ruby community’s annual celebration of all things Ruby! Every fall, we gather Ruby enthusiasts together to enjoy detailed talks about exciting new projects; meet and network with other Ruby developers; and hear from the community’s leading minds, including Yukihiro Matsumoto ("Matz"), the creator of the Ruby language.

2024 Chicago - Advance tickets will be live soon
2023 San Diego (See Matz's Keynote and Video Showcase)
2022 Houston and Providence (Video Showcase)
2021 Denver (Video Showcase)

Regional US and International conferences are listed at

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