Volunteer with Ruby Central

If you are interested in donating your time to Ruby Central and the community, we have several opportunities for you to consider. Please fill out our interest form, and we will be in touch!

Volunteer at the Conference

Conference Volunteer

Conference volunteers play an essential role in the operations of the conference. Volunteers will assist in checking in attendees, troubleshooting, answering questions, and being cheerful faces for the conference. Volunteers are expected to be familiar with the conference schedule, events, and other areas that will create a positive conference experience.

Guides (as part of the Scholars and Guides program)

Guides are volunteer mentors who support the conference Scholars through mentorship, guidance, and professional networking leading up to and during a Ruby or Rails conference. Guides should be familiar with the Ruby and/or Rails community and can create networking opportunities, and will help the Scholar navigate a professional conference.

Program Committee Member

We seek dedicated community members to actively contribute to the conference planning process. The overall time commitment is approximately 2-6 hours per week from July - November. With roughly 1 hour every month to meet virtually as a committee.

Speaker Mentors

We are seeking previous conference speakers to mentor our incoming speakers. Our new speakers seek guidance on developing an exciting conference talk and what they can do to prepare. Mentors are only assigned upon speakers' request. This is NOT a full-time commitment.

Ruby Central Committees

We are creating a new set of committees, each comprising some Ruby Central folks and some community members. As an organization that works for the Ruby community, we want to include community members in guiding the direction of our work and leading us all forward.

Some committees we are thinking of starting might be focused on: Conferences (both Ruby Central and partnering with others), Membership, Local Meetups, DEI, Scholarship and Education, New Developer Experience, and Documentation.