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December 2023 Newsletter

Hello! Welcome to the December newsletter. Read on for announcements from Ruby Central and a report of the OSS work we’ve done from the previous month. In November, Ruby Central's open source work was supported by 35 different companies, including Fastly, Sentry, Ruby Shield sponsor Shopify, and brand-new Partner-level member Contributed Systems, the company behind Mike Perham’s incredibly popular Sidekiq. In total, we were supported by 187 members. Thanks to all of our members for making everything that we do possible. <3

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RubyGems News

During November in RubyGems, we released RubyGems 3.4.22 and Bundler 2.4.22. These updates are part of our continuous effort to enhance the Ruby development experience.

One of the key changes is a boost in performance, achieved by eliminating the need for regular expression matches in Gem::Platform.local (#7104). Additionally, we shipped an update of the SPDX license list, ensuring that RubyGems is in line with the most recent industry standards (#7040).

Another important update: The YAML serializer has been enhanced to correctly handle empty arrays (#7099). The search process has also been refined, now effectively ignoring .gem files that are not in tar format (#7095). The update also brings a new feature that allows users to uninstall multiple versions of the same gem at once, making gem management more efficient (#7063).

Some other improvements that landed into our repo this month that are NOT included in the above releases are:

In November, RubyGems gained 113 new commits contributed by 23 authors. There were 1,875 additions and 56,824 deletions across 1,496 files. News

The updates to in November reflect a strong commitment to improving user experience, enhancing security, and modernizing the platform.

One of the updates made was to upgrade to Postgresql 12 and updated production and staging DATABASE_URL to PostgreSQL 12 instance (#4245, #4256).

Some other improvements that landed into our repo this month that are NOT included in the above releases are:

In November, gained 83 new commits contributed by 7 authors. There were 950 additions and 501 deletions across 109 files.

Total spent

In November, we completed 450 hours of development work and spent $67,395.73.

Thank you

Thank you to all the contributors of RubyGems and for this month! Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and we are grateful for your support.

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December 27, 2023

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