Our Vision

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing the Ruby programming language and a welcoming and diverse worldwide Ruby community. We create spaces and events, online and offline, for the community to come together to connect, engage, and educate each other. We provide a support ecosystem for Ruby development to thrive by operating services and maintaining software for the good of the community.

Our Values

Continuous Learning

We are lifelong learners with a growth mindset. We lead with curiosity and intentionally improve as we learn.


We prioritize actions that serve the Ruby community such that individuals can say “that community, they helped make me who I am today” and "thank goodness these services and software have been maintained [well]."


We value trust and transparency because it is these factors that allow developers to use our services and software to build their own reliable software. As professionals, we operate with integrity to our community and vendors.


We truly believe that those spaces are better if they are diverse and inclusive. More viewpoints make us stronger, not weaker. We prioritize those who have been historically marginalized and listen to them when we get something wrong.


None of us is as good as all of us together. We work hard to make sure all voices are heard.


We act with consideration of the perspective of others while not making too many assumptions. We lead with appreciation and gratitude. We have a duty of care to people in our conference and community spaces.


We create events and spaces where people have a good time and look forward to returning

Our History

Ruby Central, Inc. was established by David Alan Black and Chad Fowler after organizing the inaugural International Ruby Conference in 2001. They recognized the growing interest in Ruby and formed the nonprofit organization to handle future conferences. The first Ruby Central-hosted RubyConf took place in Seattle in 2002.