Welcome to our first dispatch from Ruby Central!

We’re currently coming to you from our temporary home on the Ruby Together Blog. The new Ruby Central blog website is still being developed — but with the conference approaching faster than a train on high speed rails ;), we couldn’t wait to start bringing you content.

Our first posts will be centered on the upcoming in-person RailsConf2022, happening in Portland, Oregon May 17 -19. The program schedule is live and can be found here.

We’re ecstatic to be able to continue to gather live for this conference despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to do so safely, we are asking all attendees to please adhere to our COVID safety requirements. You can find them here.

To RSVP for conference workshops click here, and make sure to check out and RSVP to our official social events (here) if you can!

Stay tuned to this space for more on the upcoming conference. Your blogger is not a tech industry expert and I’m excited to bring a fresh perspective and a focus on “the basics” to these posts. Enjoy!