Hello! Welcome to the monthly update. During March, our work was supported by Zendesk, DigitalOcean, Stitch Fix, and many others.

ruby together news

In March, Ruby Together was supported by 37 different companies, including Ruby member Zendesk. 21 companies joined as new members.

On top of those companies, 21 new developers signed up as members, including Jason Knebel, Bryan Culver, Chris Sargeant, David Balatero, Misfit VN, David Blackmon, Matt Brooke-Smith, Joel E. Svensson, Jonathan R Wallace, Jordan Humphreys, Justin Kuepper, Justin Thiele, and Keith Tom. In total, we were supported by 138 developer members. Thanks to all of our members for making everything that we do possible. <3

RubyGems News

This month, we released new versions of RubyGems 3.3.9, 3.3.10 and Bundler 2.3.9, 2.3.10.

Some notable changes include:

  • worked on a small regression in Bundler 2.3.7 and released a fix with Bundler 2.3.9 - #5386.
  • merged some improvements to  RDoc  documentation - #5396, #5398, #5399.
  • enabled net-http-persistent to get in sync with the version we use in vendor - #5394.
  • merged a PR that reports Github Actions as a CI provider within the user agent string by checking the GITHUB_ACTIONS env variable - #5400.

As always, see the full changelog for a complete list of changes.

In March, RubyGems gained 145 new commits, contributed by 14 authors. There were 1,622 additions and 167 deletions across 88 files.

RubyGems.org News

This month, RubyGems.org saw several bug fixes and updates, some of which include the following:

  • increased GEM_REQUEST_LIMIT to fix the 422 response with gem install aws - #2991.
  • added Toxiproxy to docker-compose in host network mode - #2981.
  • refactored link_to_github code - #2980.
  • fixed deprecations recording when running tests - #2979.

In March, RubyGems gained 38 new commits, contributed by 6 authors. There were 811 additions and 531 deletions across 30 files.

total spent

In March we completed 32.4 hours of development work @$150/hour, and spent $4,860.00.

Until next time,
Irene, André, and the Ruby Together team