RailsConf always boasts an exciting variety of talks that highlight the creativity and interdisciplinary nature of the Ruby community. As a tech sector newcomer, I thought it would be fun to curate a series highlighting speakers whose stories about their experiences in tech captured my curiosity. Read on for today’s speaker spotlight…

Title of Talk:

How We Implemented Internal Salary Transparency (And Why It Matters)


Hilary Stohs-Krause

How Did you get into Ruby?

I attended a programming bootcamp about 8 years ago and have never looked back!

What’s your favorite part about working on Open Source Software?

My favorite part of open source is the opportunity to give back to projects that help solve my problems, and also the ability to contribute my own solutions for other people's problems.

What’s your least favorite part about working on OSS?

My least favorite part of working on open source is trying to prioritize maintaining gems I created but no longer use 🫣

What inspired you to give this talk?

There's been a surge of interest in salary transparency as a tool for equity over the last few years, and having been through various iterations of implementing transparency at our company, I thought it could be helpful for folks to hear a first-person perspective.

What do you want people to take away from it?

There are so many different ways to implement wage transparency, and getting started can be easier than people might think. It doesn't have to be some grand overhaul of company policy - you can start small, and work your way up.

What are you most looking forward to at this conference?

Seeing all my #RubyFriends!

Do you have any other fun plans in Atlanta during the in-person conference week?

I'm hoping to check out the botanical gardens.

Thank you, Hilary, for sharing a bit of your story. See you at RailsConf 2023!