RailsConf2022 boasts an exciting variety of tracks and talks that highlight the creativity and interdisciplinary nature of the Ruby community. As a tech sector newcomer, I thought it would be fun to curate a series highlighting talks that immediately captured my curiosity, and get to know their respective speakers a little better. Read on for today’s speaker spotlight…

Title of Talk:

The pitfalls of realtime-ification

Speaker: Vladimir Dementyev

746350A4-C9BF-4633-88BA-26A031F3458B - Vladimir Dementyev.jpeg

How Did you get into Ruby?

I was looking for an alternative tech to rebuild my product, and found an online course titled “Building SaaS web applications with Ruby on Rails”. That was a match.

What’s your favorite part about working on Open Source Software?

An ability to share my work/thoughts with others, making something useful not just for myself (or my company), but everyone.

What’s your least favorite part about working on OSS?

Lack of feedback when everything behaves as expected; you mostly hear from people when there are issues with your software.

What inspired you to give this talk?

I realized that since the Rails 7 and Hotwire release, more and more people started asking me similar questions on how to properly design real-time features (chats or whatever). After yet another conversation I just sat down and wrote the outline of the talk.

What do you want people to take away from it?

The answers. The solutions. The understanding that simply dropping Hotwire/Action Cable to the stack and using awesome Rails abstractions is not enough, you should do a paradigm shift.

What are you most looking forward to at this conference?

Finally meeting people of meat and bones, of course.

Do you have any other plans in Portland during conference week that you’re excited about?

Unfortunately, I’m coming only for the conference. I plan to get around the city, learn as much as possible about it and its surroundings to come back later with my family.

Thank you, Vladimir, for sharing a bit of your story. See you at RailsConf2022!