Ruby Central is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a two part grant from Alpha-Omega. The $250,000 grant will support critical open source projects on, RubyGems and Bundler. 

Alpha-Omega is an OpenSSF associated project of the OpenSSF, established in February 2022, funded by Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, and with a mission to protect society by catalyzing sustainable security improvements to the most critical open source software projects and ecosystems. 

Ruby Central maintains and operates and the package tools RubyGems & Bundler. This vital infrastructure supports development across the Ruby ecosystem. served 2.7 billion gem downloads and 11 million unique IPs last month. has grown 20-25% per year every year for more than a decade and is accelerating.

Projects funded

The Alpha-Omega grant will fund development of one of the most requested features: Organization Accounts. This will help developers that manage multiple gems to securely centralize gem access controls. This will benefit large gem owners like AWS and Shopify, as well as smaller organizations with fewer gems.

The grant will also fund a Security and Process Audit, which will include hiring a mutually agreed-upon security firm to audit the servers, project, and processes, and remediate any issues discovered.

This work is in addition to the recent establishment of the AWS funded Software Engineer in Residence for the RubyGems project. 

You can follow this work as it develops, in the RubyGems GitHub organization & the Bundler slack. We will also share some updates on can follow along there or sign up here to receive occasional updates by email. 

We are grateful to Alpha-Omega for recognizing the importance of Ruby Central’s work within the open source ecosystem and for their generous support. 

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