Since Ruby Together was first started, we’ve worked together with Ruby Central. While Ruby Central has paid the server bills for, Ruby Together has paid the software developers who keep it running. That cooperation has benefited the entire Ruby community for the last 6 years, ever since Ruby Together began.

While the cooperation has been beneficial, it’s been hard to explain. Many community members are surprised to learn that Ruby Together and Ruby Central are separate non-profits, and even those who know they are distinct struggle to keep track of exactly which one does exactly what things.

Last year, Ruby Together board member Jonan Scheffler pitched an idea: what if we were just one organization? After some non-profit business paperwork-handling, we’re proud to announce that dream has become a reality. Ruby Together and Ruby Central will become a single non-profit serving the Ruby community.

In the coming days, Ruby Together (the corporation) will dissolve. Ruby Together’s board of directors, memberships, and other resources will be joining Ruby Central, where we will continue to support Ruby open source the same way we have been for the last 6 years. We’re very excited to be working together, with less confusion, less business overhead, and more support for the Ruby community.