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September 2015 Monthly Update

Hello, and welcome to the Ruby Together monthly update for September! This month we were joined by 4 developers and 4 companies. We continued to maintain and develop Bundler and, paying for 58 hours of developer time. Keep reading for the rest of the details on our new members, our work, and our finances this month.

Ruby Together News

On September 9, André went on the Ruby Rogues podcast for an episode about Ruby Together with rogues Charles Max Wood and Coraline Ada Ehkme. They discussed why Ruby Together was founded, what its goals are, and why being a non-profit is so important, as well as answering a bunch of common questions about Ruby Together. There’s both an audio recording of the episode and a text transcript, so if you’re interested in what exactly Ruby Together does and how it all works, check it out.

This week, André will be in Berlin, attending the RailsGirls Summer of Code wrap-up party and speaking at ROSSConf about how Bundler works. He will also be in Salzburg, Austria for EuRuKo on October 17 & 18, with lots of stickers. Come say hello and get some stickers if you’ll be around!

Our four new members this month include Rene Sanchez, Ivar Vong, and Kieth Pitty. We were also joined by four new companies: Emerald members Stitch Fix and New Relic, and Topaz members Square, and Intercom. With these new members, our projected monthly income is now $12,190.00.

This infographic, taken from our roadmap, shows where we’re at right now and what we’ll be able to do as more members join.

$12,190.00 per month

Thanks for supporting our work, everyone!

Bundler News

This month, the Bundler team merged 23 pull requests, including 218 new commits from 14 different authors. We fixed bugs, improved error messages, and added features to the in-progress 1.11 and 2.0 releases.

Integration work on the new index format is almost complete: it works! We just have to handle yanked gems, and it will be time to start beta-testing. It’s very exciting to see the culmination of two years of planning and work pay off. News

The team kept things moving smoothly this month, merging 16 pull requests, including 95 commits from 14 authors. We fixed bugs, added tests, applied security updates, and handled unexpected traffic spikes.

We also kept working on the new logging system, merged a Chinese (Simplified) translation for the interface, moved even more of the site to be served by Fastly, and renewed our SSL certificate for another year.

The RailsGirls Summer of Code ends this week, and so we are working with the RGSoC team to deploy their work in a Gem Adoption Center that will allow unmaintaned gems to be adopted by new owners.

Budget & Expenses

This month one company pre-paid for an entire year, and Ruby Together took in $22,043.83 over the last month.

In total, we spent $16,120.54. Here’s a breakdown of our spending by category:

Like we predicted last month, professional services have dropped dramatically, while we’ve started spending more on conferences and other community outreach. Help us get the word out!

Until next time,
André and the Ruby Together team

September 22, 2015

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