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September 2023 Monthly Update

Hello! Welcome to the monthly update. During September, Ruby Central's open source work was supported by 35 different companies, including Fastly, Ruby member Zendesk and Ruby Shield sponsor Shopify.

In total, we were supported by 182 members. Thanks to all of our members for making everything that we do possible. <3

Ruby Central News

RubyConf San Diego (Nov 13-15, 2023)

RubyConf is the annual fall conference for Ruby enthusiasts to gather and enjoy talks about new projects, meet other Ruby developers, and hear from the community's leading minds. Here are a few things you should know:

About the event

Get involved

RubyGems News

This month in RubyGems, we released RubyGems 3.4.20 and Bundler 2.4.20.

One of the goals of this RubyGems release was to work on allowing RubyGems to gracefully fall back to a user install if the default gem home isn't writable. This will resolve a request some users of RubyGems have been wanting for eight years (#5327). Additionally, we updated the SPDX license list as of 2023-10-03 and raised Gem::Package::FormatError when gem encounters corrupt EOF (#6882), and ensured that loading multiple gemspecs with legacy YAML class references does not print a warning (#6889).

This month the Bundler team worked on Bundler’s performance and memory efficiency, reducing memory usage both during `bundle install` and when any command is run with Bundler. Some commands now use up to 25% less memory, saving as much as 10MB or more depending on bundle size, as well as speeding up boot time for Rails apps. (#6884, #6923, #6963, #6976, and others)

In preparation for the future release of Bundler 2.5.0, and building on the work of @segiddins and @mercedesb, we are improving the security of Bundler by adding SHA256 checksum verification of .gem files during installation, as described in this RFC

Some other improvements that landed in our repo this month but may not yet be released:

In September, RubyGems gained 116 new commits contributed by 14 authors. There were 2,455 additions and 571 deletions across 105 files. News

This month in, we fixed potentially exposed user emails by hiding gravatars for accounts with private emails (#3731, #4104). This ensures user email addresses stay private when users have requested that. We also opened an RFC to enhance user profile in general.

Support for PostgreSQL 11 version will end next February, so we created a plan, wrote reference scripts and started documenting the upgrade. Check out the Postgres upgrade RFCs to hear the plan and offer feedback! (#52, #53)

Some other improvements that landed into our repo this month are:

In September, gained 64 new commits contributed by 5 authors. There were 1,855 additions and 1,070 deletions across 90 files.

Total spent

In September, we completed 359 hours of development work and spent $53,848.62.

Thank you

Thank you to all the contributors of RubyGems and for this month! Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and we are grateful for your support.

Contributors to RubyGems:

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October 18, 2023

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