Since before Ruby Together even launched, supporting and improving public Ruby infrastructure has been our goal. Although we decided to focus on Bundler and as our first two projects, we already had our eye on RubyBench as a project to support.

RubyBench provides public benchmarks, running a large suite of performance tests against every commit of Ruby. It also benchmarks every commit to Rails against the performance benchmark suite of the Discourse project. These two benchmarks combined provide massive utility to Ruby developers around the world.

With historical and current performance information, it is possible to find performance regressions quickly, as well as release new versions with confidence that performance has stayed the same or gotten even better. This assurance allows developers to upgrade their projects to newer versions of Ruby and Rails more frequently, more easily, and with greater confidence.

Today, I’m happy to announce that Ruby Together has agreed to fund the server hardware that runs the RubyBench benchmark suite, taking over for RubyBench founding sponsor Rubytune. In addition to funding the server hardware, Ruby Together plans to fund work maintaining and expanding RubyBench in the future.

To support our work with RubyBench and other projects, join Ruby Together today.