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Ruby Central's OSS Work Now Supported by Sovereign Tech Fund

We’re excited to announce our second partnership with the German Sovereign Tech Fund (STF) to support Ruby Central’s open source maintenance, development, and security work on Bundler and RubyGems. These tools are critical infrastructure which hundreds of thousands of Ruby developers rely on to do their work every day, including those at GitHub, Stripe, Airbnb, Mastodon and more. Our development team has a long track record of delivering year-over-year improvements to Ruby's public infrastructure since 2009.

The STF supports the development, improvement, and maintenance of critical open digital infrastructure. It seeks to strengthen the open source ecosystem, focusing on security, resilience, technological diversity, and the people behind the code. This investment is a continuation of a pilot partnership between the STF and Ruby Central from 2022-2023. We’re grateful to have our work recognized again as indispensable to the long-term health of the open source ecosystem.

This investment will support our developers as they work on our extensive Bundler and RubyGems roadmap, which includes items like:

Make life better for all Ruby developers by:

Improve reliability for our global service by:

Increase support for gem publishing organizations by:

Make life better for RubyGems maintainers by:

Make life better for gem creators by:

Thank you to the STF for funding our work! We look forward to the ways this investment will help us provide more robust maintenance and free open source tools that ultimately strengthen the Ruby ecosystem and serve the whole Ruby community.

September 27, 2023

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