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Scholars and Guides Program

What is the Scholars and Guides Program?

The Scholars and Guides Program is a mentorship program for aspiring Rubyists interested in learning more about the Ruby programming language, expanding their professional toolkits, and having help navigating the Ruby Central conferences, RubyConf, and RailsConf.

Scholars are paired with a Guide who will help them navigate the conference, provide guidance on their coding skills, and help them build relationships with other Rubyists. Scholars are tasked with completing a mini-project for a chance to share their work, experiences, or interests with the community. Scholars can choose any topic they are interested in and will work with their Guide to present their project as a Lightning Talk or in a format they choose (i.e., blog, program design, etc.). The program is an opportunity for aspiring and experienced programmers to work together in a fun and creative way and to create new pathways to reach their respective goals.

Why apply for the Scholars and Guides program?

If you want to get involved in the community and learn from experienced developers, the Scholars and Guides program provides Scholars with exposure and the opportunity to connect with leaders in the field. At the same time, Guides can give back to their community by offering resources and connections to the next generation. Other benefits of participating in the program include:

Scholar Requirements: The program is open to community members interested in learning the Ruby programming language; however, applicants from underrepresented communities within tech are highly encouraged to apply. Scholars must meet the following requirements:

The program is limited to a certain number of scholars, so early application is encouraged.  We encourage applicants to answer our application questions fully to help us gain insight into who you are and your goals.

** Scholar Alumni who successfully completed the Scholars program receive discounts at all Ruby Central conferences. If you are interested in "paying it forward" or learning more, email us at

Guides Requirements: Guides support the Scholars through mentorship, guidance, and professional networking leading up to and during the conference. Guides should be familiar with the Ruby and/or Rails community and can create networking opportunities, and will help the Scholar navigate a professional conference. We seek Guides who can:


If there are any inquiries about the scholarship program, please reach us at

May 29, 2023

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