Thinking of applying to this year's RailsConf Scholars and Guides program? Read on to hear from last year's Scholars about what it was like and why you should take the leap and apply!


Dominic Lizarraga

Professional Title:

Software Developer

How did you get into Ruby?

Attending Le Wagon bootcamp.

Are there any Ruby projects you're working on that you're excited about? 

I'm very into Keto, glucose control, morning stretching and want to develop a small app for those topics.

Why did you decide to join the Scholars/Guides program?

It was a big event and I knew that going on my own would not be easy because English is my second language and also because I'm a junior dev so I thought I can ease the onboarding process by applying to scholar program and it did :)

What was the highlight of the conference for you?

Meeting new people, juniors, managers, etc and being mindful that the big minds behind rails are humans as well.

What surprised you, if anything about your RailsConf2023 experience?

The staff is incredible, well-coordinated, always open to answer your questions, the community is accessible, don't matter your background.

Any advice for first-time conference attendees?

Don't be afraid to talk to someone who you don't know, they are very friendly, they never make you feel bad and who knows maybe there is a potential new employer and partnership.

Any other final thoughts?

Great experience, I have no words to describe it, every single moment was unforgettable, the community is amazing and I'm really convinced to keep helping in any way I can and hope to be sharing good news soon, thank you all for doing this possible :)

Thank you Dominic for sharing your story! Feeling ready to apply to be a RailsConf 2024 Scholar or Guide? Sign up here today! The application deadline is February 20th.